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Jobs with flexibility and ‘adventure’

A typical work day for Katie Hellinger could be going to the YMCA. Or hiking. Or visiting a museum. Or shopping for groceries.

That diversity and flexibility is important to Hellinger and many young adults who want a career that fits around their schedule. Heritage Christian offers that and more through its community habilitation positions where staff members spend time one-on-one supporting a person — when and where it makes sense for both of them.

Of course, HCS continues to offer positions with more traditional hours and responsibilities at sites that are operated by the agency. That’s the beauty of working at a growing agency. Employment, like supports and services, doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all.

“I enjoy being able to share life with the individuals that I support,” said Hellinger, who has worked in community habilitation at HCS for two years. “Every day is a new adventure. I also love the close relationships that I have had the opportunity to build.”

That’s something Amanda Muldoon, director of customized support, hears a lot.

“You can see differences and changes being made by both your efforts and the efforts the person is willing to put in,” Muldoon said, and that’s rewarding. “We get staff all across the board and we love adding people with a variety of interests and hobbies to the team because they can be the bridge that opens up those opportunities again to the people they support. People getting involved in yoga, painting, swimming, watching car races, just going out and doing what everyone else does without adding a label to it.”

And even during that time, staff members are providing a necessary service, she added. “When the person develops the skills necessary to complete tasks with minimal or no assistance, your working relationship with that person may end because they may no longer need you. But your personal relationship with them can absolutely continue if either of you would like it to.” †

What is community habilitation?

Community habilitation supports people in accomplishing goals that are important to them.  People receiving community habilitation may live in their own home, may live with their family, or may live with a few peers.  A community support staff may support a person in...

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