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Chris Fee

Chris has been with Heritage since 2006 and first got involved when he was referred by a former supervisor who thought he would really enjoy working with people. He began his career as a residence counselor and was later promoted to shift coordinator, assistant manager and residence manager. In 2016, he was offered an opportunity to assist with recruiting and has been with the Workforce and Talent Development Department since.

Chris’ favorite part of his job is the people he’s worked with and built lifelong friendships with. It has been rewarding for him to see growth within the people he’s worked with, but also within himself. A favorite memory is when Chris went to Disney World with two individuals. Through their first plane ride and little sleep, they were left with great memories. Chris enjoys going to their house to look at pictures of the trip together.

Chris’ role model is his dad. His dad’s unique care for others and selflessness influenced the person Chris is today. Chris stays motivated to come to work each day because there is always a lot to do when finding the right people who want to come in and make a difference in people’s lives. He wants to help start to build those relationships just like the people who helped him in 2006.

Outside of work, Chris has always been passionate about sports. He also enjoys watching movies, camping, hiking and being outdoors.

Ashley Ketterer

Ashley first learned about Heritage Christian Services from a classmate when she attended Monroe Community College. From his description, Heritage Christian sounded like a great place to work. Now, Ashley has been with HCS for seven and a half years. She jokes that she has spent her whole adult life working here.

Heritage Christian has helped Ashley learn and grow her leadership and advocacy skills. One of her favorite parts of her job is the relationships she’s created. One of the first people she supported has been a great friend. Each year, they go on a weekend getaway together and also spend time just hanging out. Ashley believes the relationships are a part of what differentiates her position from just being a job.

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys reading, learning and traveling.

Ann Meyer

Ann currently serves as the Director of Workforce and Talent Development at Heritage Christian Services. She and her department work to introduce great talent to the organization, provide education and development opportunities and employee relations support.

In 1989, Ann began her career at Heritage Christian in direct support. She quickly learned the importance of building and maintaining relationships with people who choose our services and her co-workers. Ann is committed to assisting people with accessing the tools they need to do their job. Believing that each person is responsible for his or her own development, she is a mentor to many as they grow with the agency. Her mission is to know the employees who work here, believing that knowing each other allows us to invest in each other. Ann loves coming to work every day knowing her work makes a difference in our community.

Ann is a strong advocate of the mission and values of the organization. She has shared the agency’s mission locally and nationally through speaking engagements and opportunities to serve on the Workforce and Professional Development Committee at ANCOR (American Network of Community Options and Resources), a national, nonprofit trade association representing service providers to people with disabilities. Additionally, she served on the Workforce Committee for NYSACRA (New York State Association of Community and Residential Agencies), the largest association in New York of provider agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families. This grassroots organization advocates for people with developmental disabilities and their full participation in their communities. Ann is an avid learner and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Ann completed her master’s degree in Human Service Administration while advancing her leadership role at Heritage Christian.

In addition to her responsibilities at Heritage Christian, Ann is an adjunct professor in the Human Services department at Monroe Community College.