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Passionate People Wanted

Is it in your nature to be there for others? How would your life change if you could see people’s abilities before their disabilities? If you’re passionate about equality and sharing resources that people need to succeed, then you’ll be great here.

infographic: 7 reasons to work at Heritage Christian Services in Direct Support

Find out more about Direct Support career opportunities with Heritage Christian Services here.

Recent Posts

Education and Training- Making an Impact

  We’re pretty passionate about education and training at Heritage Christian Services. We recently hosted a Trainer’s Institute for our employees who serve as instructors so we can continue to grow in our skills.  The energy in the room was evident as people gathered...

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Employee Spotlight: Iesha Eldridge

Each day, Iesha works at a residential home as if it were her own home. After all, many of her daily tasks at work overlap with what she does to take care of and maintain her own home. She carries this hard working, caring standard with her wherever she works, as she...

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Be Fully Present With People

"Quality is defined at the point of interaction between the staff member and the individual with a disability.” -- John F. Kennedy, Jr. I could not agree more with this statement and I observe this on a daily basis, at work and in my personal life. Recently I was...

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