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Passionate People Wanted

Is it in your nature to be there for others? How would your life change if you could see people’s abilities before their disabilities? If you’re passionate about equality and sharing resources that people need to succeed, then you’ll be great here.

infographic: 7 reasons to work at Heritage Christian Services in Direct Support

Find out more about Direct Support career opportunities with Heritage Christian Services here.

Recent Posts

Your Health Matters

Have you flown on an airplane lately? One of the first safety announcements the flight attendant shares is that in the event of an emergency you should put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. When you take on a role in direct support it is important...

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Inside Tips to Getting a Job with HCS

Top 3 General Workplace Tips Building relationships Having a positive attitude Listening to the people you work with: co-workers and managers At the start of the interviewing process, the first impression is so important, and incredibly insightful for a recruiter. I...

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Jobs with flexibility and ‘adventure’

A typical work day for Katie Hellinger could be going to the YMCA. Or hiking. Or visiting a museum. Or shopping for groceries. That diversity and flexibility is important to Hellinger and many young adults who want a career that fits around their schedule. Heritage...

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