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Education and Training- Making an Impact


We’re pretty passionate about education and training at Heritage Christian Services. We recently hosted a Trainer’s Institute for our employees who serve as instructors so we can continue to grow in our skills.  The energy in the room was evident as people gathered to learn together.

The theme for the day was “Making an Impact and Making it Last.” Jen Butler, the Vice President of Instruction from Dale Carnegie Rochester,  was the keynote speaker. We spent time learning how impressions are formed.

  • How we look
  • How we act
  • What we say
  • How we say it

Did you know that people make judgments about you within less than a second?

We talked about how to best present ourselves during classes to have a big impact. This will lead to the best quality education for our colleagues. We learned that it is just as important to prepare how we will present information, as it is to prepare the training material.

We participated in an appreciative inquiry exercise to advance our education and training programs. The team agreed to work collaboratively to provide positive learning environments that foster student responsibility. In addition the group wants to focus on offering additional training online to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.


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